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Welcome to SJFS: Client Advisor Eric Keogler

Welcome to the SJFS team Eric Keogler!

Eric works as a Client Advisor at our firm, serving clients across Catholic education. Read below to learn more about Eric and his work at SJFS!

Where are you from, and where did you go to college? 

I’m from Newtown, CT. I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Franciscan University of Steubenville.

What drew you to SJFS? What made you want to join their team and work to further Catholic education? 

I was drawn to SJFS because of the mission of the organization and because of the talented, driven, and passionate team working at SJFS. I joined for the great opportunity to use my professional skills to serve others in a meaningful way.

What’s a big “win” you’ve been involved with that has had an impact on a parish, Diocese, or Catholic school?

One big win I’ve had for one of our clients was resolving a multi-year challenge that the client had faced with receiving accurate and consistent reporting. Within the first several months of the engagement, we were able to streamline the underlying accounting and reporting process and implement several enhancements based on the client’s operational capacity and goals. The client now has more time to serve their organization rather than spending time trying to figure out an issue pulling them away from their mission.

What is it like being part of the SJFS team? How would you describe the culture and people you work with? 

It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of the SJFS team. The people are supportive, professional, and a joy to work with. The overall culture is welcoming, engaging, and flexible. Each member of the team brings a unique skill set and is driven by the same mission.

What are your goals for your time at SJFS?  

My goal for my time with SJFS is to carry out the mission, to develop new skills that I can use to better serve our clients, and to grow the organization so that we have the capability to provide our services to a wider range of nonprofit organizations.

What do you do in your time away from the office? 

As many at SJFS would say, our first duty is to our family. When I’m not working I am spending time with my wife and three children. We are a pretty active family and like to travel, hike, and play tennis/pickleball.