Advanced Outsourced Accounting Services for Catholic Dioceses, Parishes, Schools and Ministries.

We aim to become the Church’s standard in financial services. We envision a future where no diocesan CFO or Catholic School Superintendent is left without actionable financial information.

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What We Do

We understand the Administrative Challenges Faced by Catholic Organizations.

We know that every dollar and minute spent on administration is a distraction from important ministry, and that your financial data is critical to making informed decisions.

Without accurate and timely financial information, you may be facing problems such as:

Limited cash reserves

Is limited cash flow preventing you from achieving your goals? Our financial experts can help ensure financial stability and sustainability by identifying opportunities for growth and expansion. Make informed decisions with accurate cash flow data and take your Catholic school or organization to the next level.

Lack of time to manage your financial data

If you’re short on time to manage your financial data, our services can help you focus on your mission rather than your finances. We can streamline your accounting processes and provide you with the accurate and timely financial data you need to make informed decisions.

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What Our Clients Say

“I love the SJFS solution. With SJFS I am developing as a professional as they have provided guidance in the areas where I needed support.”

Principal, Queen of Apostles

“St Joseph has been great to work with. The staff is very passionate and mission driven, which is a great connection with my role supporting Catholic schools. I am able to connect with them at any time when necessary, and they are always very quick to respond to questions and concerns. St Joseph is also very proactive and identifying potential areas of concern and bringing it to our attention.”

Kevin Powers

Managing Director of School Finance and Patrons Program, Big Shoulders Fund

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What We Do


Our accounts payable and expense management experts manage a team of processing specialists so that there is virtually no down time in getting your bills and expenses processed and paid. Our experts have years of experience doing work for various chanceries and diocesan organizations.


Technology is only as accurate and timely as our ability to generate inputs without recreating the administrative burden of a paper-heavy system. We will meet with your team to understand your typical procedures so we can map our tools like online deposit and check request forms so your staff can communicate with us directly with internal controls systematized.


We leverage cutting-edge technology to provide accurate and timely financial data to our clients. Our state-of-the-art accounting software and digital platforms enable us to streamline financial processes and provide customized solutions for each of our clients.

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