The New Challenge: Preparing Students for Jobs That Don’t Yet Exist 

Preparing the next generation of students requires educators to anticipate what their unique challenges will be, and what we can do today to help them be successful. The value of a private education, particularly Catholic, is the flexibility in curriculum that helps us make the investments we need to remain not only competitive, but ahead of the curve. 

By one popular estimate, 65% of elementary school children will one day have jobs that don’t even exist yet. Anticipating the skills they’ll need can be incredibly difficult, and the financial commitment needed to expand the types of education we offer is daunting.

Investment strategies that want to take advantage of the future economy need to be agile, creating opportunities for growth while making timely physical investments. 

Whether it’s bold expansions of STEM programs or experiential education that boosts engagement, creating the best educational experience means carefully balancing today’s needs with tomorrow’s wants. 

Catholic education has always sought to be a leader in thought, and this must extend to new and emerging areas of study that differ vastly from what success has meant for our generation. With careful financial analysis and planning, we help you achieve your goals while keeping your Catholic institution sustainable for years to come.