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SJFS CEO Jonathan Boulos Adds New Role at Notre Dame as Adjunct Assistant Teaching Professor – Department of Accountancy

As many of you know, SJFS CEO Jonathan Boulos recently began teaching at the University of Notre Dame as an Adjunct Assistant teaching professor. We wanted to learn more about his new position, and his time as a professor – so we went straight to the source!

Hear from Jonathan below, and learn more about his experience at his Alma Mater: 

1) What led you to begin teaching a course at Notre Dame? 

My professional and personal life is really defined by people that God placed along the way. I’d like to think that I’ve learned and experienced enough at this point to be that for someone else. If nothing else I am a willing mouthpiece for God. While I’ve sought opportunities to do it ad hoc, it really is a special thing to be able to build a relationship with students over the course of a semester and help them through this exciting part of their lives. Notre Dame is such a special place to be able to do that as well. Not only do I encounter really amazing students but I get to bring my faith into my teaching and I can see it resonate with students.


2) What advice would you give to accounting students who want to both serve the Church and build their professional skills? 

Find the right place to hone your craft. You are better off working in a place that has the type of people you want to learn from and that will give you a chance to do real things right away than turning into a SOX or ESG compliance paper pusher.


3) What has your biggest takeaway been from your first course? Are there any lessons that you have learned from teaching about the new generation of young professionals? 

I think it’s become a funny meme to denigrate that generation of students as out of touch with reality, not serious, or somehow lesser than prior generations. I am happy to report it’s not true. At least for business students at Notre Dame. These young adults really can be future leaders of our society, and God-willing the Church, and it’s not helpful for us to perpetuate some of those caricatures.


4) How has your role at SJFS contributed to your teaching/course? Are there any tips that you have for other leaders looking to use their skillset to ready young people for the workforce? 

Without fail the thing the students appreciate most is my tales from the road. I am able to take the material we’re learning and give them real-life, current examples of how that concept is or could be applied. While I always am sure to protect our clients’ anonymity, we’re able to use their situations as case studies that ring truer than textbook hypotheticals, because they are truer. I also am able to help the students anticipate and prepare for the early parts of their careers. We spend a lot of time interviewing, hiring, and training people in career transitions or in the early part of their careers and I think the students appreciate when I share the intel of what gaps they can fill or how they can differentiate their applications to other prospective employers.