Sage Intacct Expertise at SJFS: Welcoming Steve Kneier

SJFS recently welcomed to the team Steve Kneier, our new Sage Intacct expert and leadership team member. Steve has several years of experience working with Sage Intacct, and we wanted to sit down with him and see what Sage Intacct has to offer our clients and members of the education and nonprofit community.

For services offered, Steve highlighted the online experience of Sage Intacct which gives incredible flexibility to its users, the cloud-based reporting and data management models offered by the suite, and the automation and efficiency improvements for clients based across the United States.

“Sage Intacct offers a dynamic accounting experience that is fit for our modern times. It is time to bring the Catholic Church into the 21st century. Sage Intacct will provide vital financial data visibility to the Church’s parishes, schools and nonprofits and will help to reduce the administrative burden to the accounting process.”

He also mentioned the tailored approach to accounting solutions that sets Sage Intacct apart. Intacct was originally designed for and marketed to medium and large sized companies. Through their partnership with the AICPA and its affiliates, they are able to provide this more advanced and feature rich software to small companies and nonprofits that would normally not have the budget for it. 

“Intacct has invested heavily in supporting nonprofits and religious organizations. Its ability to easily manage multi-entity fund accounting and the complex reporting needs of these entities make it the perfect tool to solve our clients’ headaches.”

If you are interested in Sage Intacct for your organization, reach out to our team. With experts in the product, and in the industry, we are ready to meet the needs of your team and organization, and to walk with you on your journey to bringing values-based education to students across the country.