Quick Take in the Catholic Education Marketplace: Current Affairs and Forward-Thinking Trends 

Catholic education is famous for its quality, yet remains a minority in terms of students served across the country. With COVID now in its third calendar year, and suggestions for the cancellation of activities such as football games and band, many parents are looking to invest in their child’s education more than ever before. 

Gaps from education disruptions will continue to plague public schools, and can be the defining factor to set Catholic institutions up as the safe and effective alternative to traditional schooling.

St. Joseph Financial Services is committed to helping you make this a reality, and the possibility of large amounts of new business requires strategic planning today. Setting tuition to attract new students while giving current students everything they need is a careful balancing act, one that becomes a breeze with our best-in-class finance tools. 

Whatever your situation, your institution can capitalize on the current situation to position yourself as the local leader of education—and continue the reputation of the top education system in the world.