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Looking Past COVID-19: Emerging Challenges and Countless Opportunities 

As the recovery from COVID-19 begins to hit its stride, what constitutes the new normal presents many challenges- but also opportunities for schools to show what they’ve learned over the past two years. 

With a majority of educators estimating at least 3 months of lost learning among their students, educators face a unique challenge compared to past years. Before students can excel at their current level, the academic deficiencies created by the pandemic have to be addressed. 

Worse still, the gap between high-achieving students and those struggling has only grown, making classrooms harder to manage and meet the needs of each individual student. Despite these challenges, the technological boom in education from the pandemic presents countless opportunities for improvement and engagement in the classroom. 

With greater technological literacy from teachers and the rise of education technology, students are closer than ever to universal adoption of learning interfaces that help drive individual engagement. The pandemic has provided an unprecedented opportunity for investment in necessary technology, one that can be extended to reshape the way we approach Catholic education.