Hear from the Experts: Payroll Services Product Manager Kim Kelly

“Our goal is to relieve clients of as much of the administrative tasks related to payroll as they are comfortable with, freeing them up to serve in support of their mission.”

At St. Joseph Financial Services, we know that you are doing important work. Each diocese, parish, chancery, cemetery, or charity that we work with has a big job ahead of them as they bring Christ to those they serve. They don’t need administrative tasks getting in their way. That is why we hire the best team to support your parish. With team members like Kim Kelly, our product manager for payroll services, you and your ministry are in good hands. Kim took some time to share her role at SJFS, and the many ways she supports our clients. 

What do you do at St. Joseph Financial Services?

I am the product manager for payroll services. We work with single entities, and diocesan organizations, processing payroll for employee payrolls, to a few hundred employees, and everything in between! 

How does St. Joseph Financial Services’ payroll support clients?

Our payroll service is customized to the needs of our clients. Our goal is to relieve clients of as much of the administrative tasks related to payroll as they are comfortable with, freeing them up to serve in support of their mission. Whether your payroll is overseen by a CPA or a well-intentioned volunteer, we ensure excellence and consistency for every employee.

In addition to processing payroll, we can assist with onboarding employees into the payroll system, offer support for locations processing their own payroll, manage contribution reporting for retirement plans, and of course, our client advisors support the financial reporting pieces. 

As we support each client, we also train them to understand and utilize the tools and products they need. We have a partnership with Gusto, an HCM firm, and we process on Paycom, Paycor, and Paylocity. We have experience with PrimePay’s Gold and SynchHR platforms as well. Our team enjoys learning different systems, so if your staff already has a preferred platform, we can implement it.

What are some problems you see your clients facing today?

In this post-pandemic environment, many employers are regularly hiring staff to work remotely, and we are able to assist them with getting registered for payroll withholding accounts. We also try and help ensure that clients understand some of the implications remote work has on compliance requirements that may not readily come to mind, such as labor law posters, and policy implications. 

What was an instance where you really helped out a client?

One of our diocesan clients needed to replace a key member of their HR team who had been processing a number of payrolls for parishes and cemeteries and served as the primary point of contact for questions from their other locations. We stepped in and have been able to be a fail-safe processor, covering for other locations when staffing issues arise, and even helping to train new business managers.

What are the benefits to working with SJFS’ payroll team?

Perhaps one of the best benefits of working with SJFS’s payroll team is our experience. Our dedicated team has years of experience working with Catholic institutions. We get the intricacies of these unique payrolls. Things like understanding the differences in how lay, clergy, and religious employees should be paid could save both employer and employee from costly errors. 

SJFS also helps ensure each client is paying their employees correctly, which is a key component of keeping employees happy and turnover low.  And, for multi-location employers, partnering with an outside provider may be the best means of gaining consistency in processes which can translate to better reporting, and having skilled subject matter professionals handling your payroll. 

How can someone learn more about our payroll services and sign-up?

Clients of SJFS who are interested in learning more about our payroll service can reach out to their advisor, or to payroll@stjfs.org. Prospects can visit our website www.stjfs.org or email us at info@stjfs.org and we will be happy to connect with you at your convenience.