Divvy becomes BILL Spend & Expense – What this means for Catholic Finance

Divvy becomes BILL Spend & Expense – What this means for Catholic Finance
by Geoff Turbiak – St. Joseph Financial Services (SJFS)

Divvy, the popular expense management, bill-pay, and corporate credit card software platform has recently undergone a name change. Some of our SJFS clients that use Divvy have inquired about the impacts of the changes. We will address that, plus give an overview of what BILL Spend & Expense will provide for those in Catholic Finance.

What’s in a name?
Divvy has been owned by BILL.com for over two years. As is the trend with many software acquisitions, the parent company decided to integrate the purchased company – not only in functionality, but also with branding. The Divvy name has now been retired and the new platform will be called BILL Spend & Expense. According to a press release at BILL.com, “BILL Spend & Expense is a new name, but everything you love about Divvy is staying the same—from setting budgets to tracking spend and getting access to the credit your business needs to grow. Managing your business spend and expenses with BILL Spend & Expense will continue to be fast, easy, and secure.”

What changes with the experience?
BILL Spend & Expense maintains the same user experience that Divvy users have come to love. Divvy usernames and passwords work in the new platform, and there aren’t any major account reconfigurations – a rarity when software platforms merge. All of the transaction data is maintained in order to make the switch seamless.

For mobile app users of Divvy with Automatic Updates turned on in your device, you’ll notice an update on your phone or tablet that shows the new BILL Spend & Expense app logo. If you have automatic app updates turned off, you’ll have to go into your app store and click the UPDATE button for the latest version. Again, usernames and passwords stay the same and you don’t have to sign up for anything different.

What about the Divvy corporate credit cards?
The Divvy virtual and physical corporate credit cards are a popular feature of the Divvy platform. Diocesan CFOs, Controllers and Principals have the ability to manage and monitor corporate credit cards from an easy to use dashboard. The dashboard shows who is spending towards budget, credit limits, payment due dates, and more. With the move to the BILL.com brand, all of the same functionality remains giving those in Catholic Finance one less thing to worry about.

Newly issued virtual and physical credit cards will feature the BILL Spend & Expense branding. Existing Divvy cards can still be used until their expiration date, and there is not an immediate need to swap out all of your cards. If you would like to order new cards for your employees before they expire, you can absolutely do so.  An admin can request cards at any time for any member of their team. In the app, go to the Cards section, click the Physical Card Orders page then select the Request Physical Cards button.

What is SJFS’ perspective?
St. Joseph Financial Services has been offering Divvy and BILL.com products for years. Although changing names can be confusing in the near-term, having integrated capabilities under the same BILL.com branding makes it easier for us to serve current and prospective small Catholic entities. At the end of the day, clients want it to “just work” as effectively and efficiently as possible. To talk to us more about your Catholic organization’s accounting needs, send us an email to info@stjfs.org, or visit our website, stjfs.org.