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Coronavirus Effects aren’t the Only “Peak” this weekend.

I’m writing this we approach the 3:00 pm hour when tradition tells us that Christ completed His salvific act. Good Friday is a sorrowful day that remembers how thousands of years of salvation history culminated to this one point. To borrow a term that is currently dominating the popular lexicon, salvation history reached its peak today. For thousands of years, God ushered man back into communion with him. For five centuries before He performed His heroic act, God’s chosen people endured one of their longest periods of relative silence from God.

Despite man’s rebellion in The Fall, Christ Died for us. Despite man’s numerous attempts to turn away from the Covenant He swore with them, Christ died for us. And even though man put him on the Cross, Christ willingly died for us. Today let us commemorate and venerate that precious symbol of the Cross and let it be a constant reminder for us of not only Christ’s heroic love but, also, a reminder that we are called to be people of the resurrection that comes after the “peak.”

This was a Great Lent for the books, but let us draw comfort and solidarity with those that came before us and draw hope that just as Christ will resurrect on Sunday to show His power over death and sin, we too, by the Grace of God, will win this battle against the challenge of quarantine. No matter if you lost a loved one in the last few weeks, lost your job, or miss social interaction, Christ reigns and that is enough reason for hope and joy. Have a blessed Good Friday and a joyous Easter.

Christ’s Peace,

Jonathan Boulos