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Augmenting Your Thriving Team
Mary Stange - Client Advisor

Celebrating Strong Teams   Earlier in my career, I was blessed to be the Bookkeeper for St. Philomena Parish and School. I learned so much from that position and from our pastor, who was a brilliant administrator. The team was composed of strong, strategic hires to be a small, but mighty, force in the background. The pastor took the time to train and enable each of us to serve the parish and school with joy.    St. Joseph Financial Services wants to celebrate what makes your team great.

  1. Sound administrative head: We recognize the strength of mind and determination it takes to lead in the Church. We celebrate the understanding of the support needed in the background in order to thrive, and the ability to build a team around those needs.
  2. Training and enablement: Skilled administrators have the ability to form minds and hearts through servant leadership. The humility to work alongside the team, teach by example, and lend others your strength is such an invaluable skill. This building of vulnerability-based trust allows the team to grow into their roles and take ownership with confidence.
  3. Seeking strong council: a skilled leader attracts leaders. Finding leaders in local businesses to volunteer on the finance council requires openness and connection. 
  4. Strategic Budgeting: A firm understanding of the goals of the parish and school as well as strategies to bring those about is to be celebrated. This would include planning for retention, growth, and capital improvements.
  5. Loyalty: Investing in your staff, your principals, and your teachers allows them to invest in your parish and school family. This mutual investment drives retention through loyalty.

Augmenting Your Team   We would like to invite you to transform your perspective of what is possible. Many people stop at the idea of a company like St. Joseph Financial Services. The minute we stop seeking to understand we limit ourselves to a subjective perspective. Instead of looking at SJFS as a company that would add cost, look at us instead as a company that distributes risk, adds value, and augments your team.   Even if you have a super-squad at your parish and school, there are always pinch points. When staff members begin to adopt the mantra that “everything depends on me,” fear starts creeping in. Investing in the right support for your staff is a beautiful way to invest in the retention of your staff and also in the continued growth of your parish and school. This type of investment increases your team’s ability to do work with efficiency, accuracy and confidence.   Confining services like ours to cost can limit you to static sameness rather than equip you for exponential growth. Engaging a qualified general outsourced accounting firm like SJFS allows you to Level Up in every arena of your parish and school.   Level Up   Parishes and schools that augment with SJFS as a general outsourced accounting firm see:

  1. Increased Freedom: Sound administrators are freed up to intentionally grow the parish and the school through investing in people and programs.
  2. Increased Enablement: Pinch points are relieved by qualified outsourced professionals, making your staff feel valued through additional resources.
  3. Increased Understanding: Your finance council will have an accurate picture to inform their decisions for the future. Your staff will also be supported in the implementation of decisions made by the finance council.
  4. Increased Strategy: This accurate financial picture also helps to employ more accurate strategies based on your financial position. 
  5. Increased Retention: When your staff is well supported and your families are met with process and understanding, your retention and growth are possible.