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Meet Martha Hoover
Mary Stange

I come to St. Joseph Financial Services from teaching in public school and Catholic schools at the elementary level. Prior to teaching I worked in various Catholic nonprofits throughout the Northeast. I was drawn to St. Joseph Financial Services through my experience of teaching in the classrooms, and my awareness of how nonprofits can serve the community at large. 

After I transitioned from teaching in Catholic schools to teaching in public schools, I became increasingly aware of the massive advantage it is for students to attend a Catholic school. (I’m only speaking from what I’ve seen in my city but believe it is applicable to students in other cities as well). The students who attend the public school where I taught simply did not have the financial resources that are required for students to attend Catholic school. They are essentially stuck in a system that is not serving their well-being. Financial insecurity gets in the way of these students being their most successful selves. 

I wanted to join the St. Joseph team because supporting Catholic schools and churches in their financial systems will provide accuracy of financial calculations and record keeping. When schools provide accurate financial records it opens the doors for donors to support the schools’ financial needs — possibly providing scholarships and grants for students who have financial instability but who show qualities of being fantastic students who would thrive in a Catholic school. I truly believe that providing accounting support to Catholic schools and churches will have a trickle effect and support the entire community.

The transition into working with St. Joseph Financial Services is going great so far! Working at St. Joseph’s has been an incredible blessing. A few words that I would use to describe the culture are patient, understanding, knowledgeable, and humorous. Everyone I have met starts the conversation with “How are you?” and is genuine about it! Additionally, everyone has gone out of their way to be incredibly helpful in guiding me to reach my professional goals. While I am with St. Joseph Financial Services my goals are to grow in my accounting skills and develop a greater understanding of financial systems.

When I am not working I am spending time with my family or friends. As a mom and wife a majority of my extra time goes to playing and taking care of my kids and our home. A big ‘win’ I’ve been involved with in my life has been mine and my husband’s commitment to building a family that serves God even in the midst of the business of life. We moved across the country for my husband to pursue his doctorate in psychology so that he can serve God’s people as a Catholic psychologist. During the time that it has taken for him to complete his studies we’ve had three children. I worked during the day while he had classes at night. Having children while one partner is working and another one is in a doctoral program is no small feat! I feel so accomplished having gone through this period in our life and thankfully it is starting to come to a close, as he will be a fully licensed Psychologist by the end of the summer.